Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

Rookery (HEBOH DUNIA MAYA), Seorang wanita foto dengan jantungnya sendiri.

A woman called by the name of Penny uploading a photo of himself holding a heart that no longer serves its original photo sharing site imgur.com. And since it fot themselves became popular in cyberspace. Penny herself earlier in the verdict had cancer to heart then she underwent a heart transplant to save his life. After successfully through the process now he is living with his new heart from donors. This photo itself is enshrined with the purpose of reliving the times of difficulty of battling the deadly disease. Doctors had already decided to cremate his heart. Now the photo is already seen as much as 300 thousand times. Kelsey, a friend of Penny also wrote in the posting photos online. ' This is my friend Penny. He holds her own. He survived the cancer and heart failure are melumpuhkannya but never lost hope, ' wrote Kelsey as quoted from the Mirror, Thursday (17/1/2013)

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